A complete 3D solution for Science and Maths designed to fit into any existing or new learning space.

Bring topics to life with animations that capture your students curiosity and delve deeper into subject material like never before.


Stereoscopic 3D has come a long way since the days of viewing with cyan and red glasses. The latest technological developments have enabled 3D media to become hugely enjoyable, taking users on an epic journey that just isn't possible with standard 2-dimensional viewing. We have taken that same jaw-dropping experience and have translated it across to the classroom so that the benefits can be utilised by students and teachers.

The third dimension of depth and distance makes things seem much more real than a picture. This changes how we perceive it and relate it to the real world which enhances a students understanding. We live in a 3D world and the majority of topics we learn are 3D in the real world - so we should be teaching them as they are.

Why use 3D Learning in your school?


Don't just take our word for it.

Professor Dr. Anne Bamford led a Europe wide research project consisting of 700 students, 47 teachers and 15 schools, to measure the value and impact of learning in 3D compared to standard 2D Learning. Read the white paper here, or watch the short video below.

Benefits of 3D learning


The Proven Benefits



Regain your students attention in lessons by bringing the topic to life through 3D animations, to make the lesson a journey not a lecture. The fun and interesting nature of the third dimension maintains a students focus. Here are just a few of the findings regarding student attention -

  • 100% of teachers felt that pupils paid more attention in 3D lessons.
  • 92% of pupils were regularly attentive during 3D lessons compared to only 46% in standard lessons. Without 3D less than half of the classroom are actually paying regular attention.
  • Pupils with attention disorders showed positive change in attention levels and communication during the 3D part of the lesson.



Students are increasingly having their knowledge assessed through an end of year written examination. This puts an enormous pressure on them to remember specific details of concepts in order to succeed. By making the initial learning an experience rather an ordinary event, students are more likely to retain information for the future. The above study found - 

  • The pupils taught in 3D could remember more than the 2D class after 4 weeks of having studied the material.
  • Learning in 3D doubled the rate of improvement from pre to post testing by 17% compared to 8% in 2D learning.
  • 3D taught pupils were more likely to recall detailed sequences of processes and were able to order concepts better. 



Many science topics contain complex sequences which can be very difficult for a teacher to explain and a student to get their head around. By showing these concepts visually in a realistic, life like way students gain a deeper understanding extending their knowledge capability. 

  • Pupils taught in 3D are more inclined to ask more complex questions 
  • 100% of teachers that 3D animations made the students understand things better
  • Teachers found that students discovered new things through 3D, and had enhanced skills in describing their learning.



When students aren't focused on learning in a lesson, they put their energy into everything else other than learning. This can cause problems for teachers as it often affects other pupils attention and attitudes. With the 'wow effect' you get from 3D, students are drawn to focus on the current task preventing them from misbehaving and causing distraction in the lesson.

  • 70% of teachers noted that pupils behaviour had improved when using the 3D.
  • The use of 3D led to positive changes in communication patterns and improved classroom interaction.



There is no greater satisfaction for a teacher than seeing their students confident, satisfied and happy with the lesson and the objectives. The use of 3D gives students higher self-efficacy which in turn also makes the teacher motivated to teach to the best of their ability. Happy students leads to happy teachers.

  • Higher levels of pupil satisfaction with 3D learning.
  • Pupils noted happier teachers when teaching using 3D.

The Complete Package

To most, the technicalities of how stereoscopic 3D works, and what is required in a 3D system is far beyond their interest. Let us worry about the quad buffered graphics cards, the shutter frequencies and the conversion methods, so that you can carry on doing what you do best - teaching. We have come up with a simple package that comprises of everything you need to be well on your way to using 3D like a pro. 

The Software

By proudly partnering up with Designmate, we are able to offer a fantastic piece of stereo 3D software called Eureka.in to provide unparalleled 3D learning. Designed with the teacher in mind, this software will add an entirely new element to your lessons.

Immerse your students with a journey into the Veins & Arteries

Features include remarkable 3D cinematic animations and immersive simulations enabling students to fully explore content. Imagine being able to take your students on a journey into the body to discover the digestion system?

With over 1200 topics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths created for a universal curriculum, we are confident that this will revolutionise the way you teach, and the way students learn. 

The Hardware

We have used our technical expertise to handpick every component of our tailored hardware package, with practicality and performance being our prime focus. To get the 3D effect requires specific hardware components with abilities to send different pictures to each eye. This involves a desktop capable of running the 'Eureka.in' software, a 3D enabled projector to display the simultaneous images and 3D glasses to send the corresponding images to the alternative eyes.

Our system doesn't just meet the minimum requirements - it exceeds them so that everything works when you need it to work. We have ensured that we supply every piece of the kit required, so at the touch of a button you can turn your classroom into a state of the art 3D learning environment.

Most importantly it has been designed specifically to blend into the current classroom ecosystem causing no discomfort for teachers and students. We will work closely with your IT Coordinator to integrate the system efficiently and smoothly. We can install the system in any area be it an existing science lab or a purpose built 3D learning center.

The Support

3D Learning Support

New pieces of teaching equipment can sometimes leave teachers feeling alienated. That’s why we include full hardware and software training as part of our package. Our approach allows us to work with teachers not against them, to enable full and effective use of the product for the deepest impact. 

We firmly believe in building a lasting relationship with our customers beyond the sale. You will have a dedicated account manager to guide you through the whole process and our support lines are always available should there be any questions from teachers no matter how simple or complex.

Sometimes things just go wrong, whether it’s a blown bulb or corrupt drive. That’s why we've put in place support services to cover every occurrence, aimed at reducing the amount of downtime. All of the hardware comes with warranties to ensure a long lifespan. Our unmatched recovery programme promises to deliver a replacement system within 48 hours, So you can get back on track with teaching with minimum disruption.

The Process

support for schools


  1. We will conduct a site visit to see what existing hardware is installed and conduct an installation plan.
  2. Depending on your requirements, we will draw up a specific quote for your package.
  3. We can conduct the installation ourselves, or assist your preferred installers.
  4. Each user will be trained in the effective use of the software and how to get the best from it
  5. We will provide on-going support whenever you need it and hold feedback sessions.


The proof is in the pudding, so get in touch to arrange a hassle free demonstration at your school. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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