We're passionate about propelling the classroom into the future to create a learning experience like no other.

We believe that technology if used correctly and implemented well, can become a teachers best resource for unleashing students potential. 

The Vision

Our vision is to make learning a memorable experience for a student, not just a process. We can make this happen by using the latest cutting edge technology to engage a student, generate enthusiasm and maintain their interest.

Currently the education market is far behind the consumer tech market - which creates an imbalance between a students home environment and their learning environment. We want to bring the classroom back up to speed and create a mind-blowing and refreshing work setting, which will harness their curiosity and get them excited to learn again. We want to be the driving force, and facilitate this change to make 'the future' a reality.


Our Purpose

Our role is to bridge the gap between the best tech resources and the classroom. By using our technical expertise and educational research we are able to offer carefully selected solutions implemented in a unique way, to knock down as many barriers as possible.

We look for what will work in the classroom and fit into the existing infrastructure to create a seamless lesson. Our purpose is to find the best option for your school and help you to implement it so that its benefits can be utilised to justify your investment.  


Our Approach

We understand that to some, change can be a very daunting and alienating prospect. We don't force technology onto anyone and expect it to just work. What use is it investing in the latest technology if its benefits aren't being exploited?

We strongly believe that the implementation of a new resource is a process rather than a one off action. By using a personal and holistic approach we are able to work together with teachers to support them in every way we can, and to iron out any issues they may be experiencing. By working with teachers and not against them we are able to find what works and what doesn't to successfully deliver an unparalleled learning experience for students.

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.
— John Dewey

Our Values

  • The user experience is crucial - we have done everything we can to cut down the user learning curve, so teachers can get stuck into teaching.

  • Customer expectations must not only be met, but exceeded. Nothing is ever too much trouble for us.

  • People not robots - we believe that people can tell you a whole lot more in a conversation than a spreadsheet can. We build relationships not reports.

  • Flexibility enables creativity. Every customer is unique so we avoid too much structure to enable us to solve problems swiftly and more effectively.

  • The Teacher is the classrooms most useful resource. We do everything we can to support them - happy teacher happy students.

  • Learning must be made into an experience, not a regime. Our products are there to engage, stimulate and interest the student to deepen their understanding.

  • Product Implementation is our focus - we want to see teachers and students get the most out of our products.

  • No question too small - we encourage regular dialogue between ourselves and users through accessibility, to make sure we are meeting teachers needs.

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