Increase Exam Results

Boost your students chances of exam success by going over those tricky topics in stereoscopic 3D. Students remember more if they can imagine concepts visually. We can provide students with a memorable context by providing an immersive learning experience.

We can bring our 3D system to your school to set up a Science/Maths workshop that your students can use to go over topics that they're struggling with. Perfect for use in your school hall or any spare space.

Revising in 3D has its benefits

Increase Retention

  • Pupils taught in 3D could remember more than the 2D classes after 4 weeks
  • 3D improved test scores by 17% compared to 8% in the 2D cohort

Deeper understanding

  • 100% of teachers agreed that 3D animations made students understand concepts better
  • Pupils taught in 3D are more inclined to ask complex questions

Greater attention

  • 92% of students regularly attentive compared to only 46% in 2D lessons
  • 100% of teachers felt that pupils paid more attention in 3D lessons

1 hour workshop

1 hour

- Full access to 1200 topics -

- 3D Projector & Screen -

- 40 x 3D Glasses -

- Workshop Attendant -

£100 exc vat

(subsequent hours £50)

half day workshop

4 hours

- Full access to 1200 topics -

- 3D Projector & Screen -

- 40 x 3D Glasses -

- Workshop Attendant -

£250 exc vat

full day workshop

8 hours

- Full access to 1200 topics -

- 3D Projector & Screen -

- 40 x 3D Glasses -

- Workshop Attendant -

£400 exc vat

(best value)


We're so confident that you'll be greatly satisfied with your 3D workshop that if you're not we'll offer you a full refund.

What have you got to lose?

“Children can see how things function. Instead of learning about the heart statically they can see it in a solid way, literally see blood passing through the valves, see exchange of oxygen, rotate it, tilt it and zoom in” - Prof Bamford

“I knew it would be useful, but I didn’t expect it to have such a significant effect” - Ms Johnson

“Much more interesting than looking at a flat text book” “It is an amazing experience, so good for learning” - students

Don't miss out! - Workshops are offered on a first come first serve basis.

Book a 3D Revision Workshop


Q- What do I need?

A - Nothing, we'll provide all of the hardware, you just provide the eager students!

Q- does a teacher need to be present?

A - Yes, we recommend that a teacher is present to direct the sessions to their preferences to complement how they've been teaching prior to this session.

Q - what topics do you have?

A - We have an abundance of topics spanning Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. You can use the quick live chat at the bottom of the window to ask us about any specific topics you'd like. 

Q - Can I book at short notice?

A - As long as we have the availability, we're highly flexible and should be able to cater for same day bookings as long as we're given 1-2 hours notice.

Q - Do I need any 3D training?

A - No, an attendant will be on hand to operate the system and give a quick briefing on how the system works - its easy!

Q - Where can we hold this workshop?

A - Any space big or small will do, from a school hall to a spare classroom. We use a 3D projector, so anywhere we can project an image onto will work fine. We can provide a projector screen if required.

Q - What if I'm not satisfied with the session?

A - We're confident that you'll be happy with the workshop, but if you're not, we'll be happy to give you a full refund.


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