5 Tips for Focusing During Revision

As the academic year begins to wind to a close, for many students across the UK there is still one bridge that needs to be crossed before plans for the summer can be fulfilled...the dreaded end of year exams.

Bedrooms of pupils across the county will soon be filled with colourful sticky notes and highlighter sales will be through the roof, but what tips can the modern learner implement into their revision schedule to help stay focused and thus maximise results?

Create a timetable

At such an important time in pupils’ lives, the events that take place up to the exam should not be left to chance. A clear revision timetable will insure you do not miss anything out, will boost productivity and by tracking progress will keep you motivated.

GetRevising is a free service that provides the modern pupil the ability to input and modify their timetable on multiple platforms, set reminders for certain tasks and share their timetables with friends and families for that extra bit of motivation.

Exam Timetable help

Cut out the temptations

With recent studies showing that up to 3 hours plus per day is spent social networking, this figure is only set to increase during the revision period, which of course does little to help with procrastination levels while trying to study. 

The simple fix is to put the phone down and pick the books up, but often simple will power is not enough...

 Luckily stayfocusd is a free app that allows the user to block websites that pose a potential distraction for a customizable amount of time, allowing revision to take place without interruption until the session is finished.

Focusing on revision

Don't overkill

Time management can be the win or lose strategy for the lead up to exams and although the ‘all nighter’ revision sessions are now almost a rite of passage they are not always the most beneficial tactic.

Revision in terms of memory retention has been found to be most effective in 45 minute chunks and so although not the glitziest gadget in the modern student’s arsenal; a simple clock or stopwatch should suffice in dealing out those 45 minute chunks, with stayfocusd running in the background to prevent any online distractions.

Stay hydrated

During revision periods it is important to keep your body running on all cylinders and often the first thing to slip is your fluid intake.

Dehydration leads to concentration loss and slows your overall cognitive processing down so make sure you are staying hydrated to keep your body in working order. 

Water your body is a simple but effective app that uses your weight to determine your daily water intake and sets reminders to ensure you are getting the fluids you need.

Revision Tips

Be inspired

The coming weeks will undoubtedly be a stressful time for pupils across the country and at times enthusiasm may waiver. 

Our final tip is to stay motivated and indeed help motivate others during these remaining weeks as the end result will inevitably be worth it.

Daily inspiration & quotes is a free app that will provide you with a daily inspirational quote and motivational message to help you push through that plateau of self doubt and keep you and friends on the road to success. 

Revision quotes and goals