Websites Great for Secondary School Teachers



Daily news stories for students  

An innovative tool for delivering high-interest, cross-curricular non-fiction texts to students. Up-to-date, high-interest articles at the correct reading level for your students.



Lesson-creation and presentation tool - offers built-in assessment

An effective way to deliver interactive lessons across multiple devices, whilst assessing student learning, and customizing learning to individual’s needs. This tool supports connected and blended learning from instruction to assessment.



Collection of DIY projects; good for sharing and inspiration

A stimulating collection of projects will encourage students to build things they had not thought possible and then upload their own ideas. User-generated projects inspire sharing and learning.

Nova Labs


Online science content within coherent tasks 

Well-narrated science videos used to support meaningful, interactive tasks which are also fun. Refined science engagement which involves some prep time to connect labs with your classroom.

Code Academy


Hands-on coding practice with live feedback

Calibrated lessons that teach students to build apps and websites from scratch. In this excellent coding application, online practice and real-time guidance open the world of programming.