What are your plans for the summer?

Are you finishing school or college this year and going on to higher education or out into the wold of work? Either way you will have a nice, long summer for you to prepare for what is ahead, so why not use your time off to boost your CV and personal statement.

Not decided what career path you want to take? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to decide what route you want to take. But taking the BUZZ QUIZ may help you in finding out what job areas might suit you.

Get on the career ladder

GO THINK BIG and STUDENT LADDER both provide information on new placements, internships, work experience and events that will help you to build your career.

Science Camps

In the UK the STEM sector is a growing industry and getting involved in such activities can help test your career ideas. CODE ACADEMY and DECODED are camps for those interested in IT and learning how to code. Or those who love chemistry may be interested in SALTERS CAMP, helping students develop a long term interest in the subject and its use in modern life.

If you have an interest in engineering then there are two residential schemes that provide students with a taster, SMALLPEICE TRUST and HEADSTART.

Love to learn?

Expand on your CV by going above and beyond your school/college curriculum to specialise further in the subject of your choice. There are free online courses available on OPENLEARN which also prepares you for that to expect from university study. COURSERA and KHAN ACADEMY also offer free courses in many different areas.

Start a project

If you have an idea that involves technology, your 13-25 years old and you need money to start up your project then o2 THINK BIG is for you. All you need to do is complete and short form for £300 to start your Think Big project and grow your idea.


DO IT offer volunteering opportunities across a wide range of areas. Most openings require volunteers to be 16 or over but some require 18+. No formal qualifications are necessary, just the willingness to help.

There are also opportunities of “virtual volunteering” with HELP FROM HOME. In this case you can volunteer in your own time and in your own home. There is not commitment and it is also free!