Experiments you can try at home

Impressive experiments you can try at home

So much can be discovered during experiments using just common household items. Each of the experiments are perfectly safe to complete. 

Egg in a bottle experiment instructions

Result...the egg was pushed into the bottle! This experiment is all about air pressure. 

A non-Newtonian Fluid experiement instructions

Carrying fluid in a sieve is impossible, fact. Well creating a Non-Newtonian Fluid can prove that some liquids can have some very interesting characteristics. 

Perforated Plastic Bag experiment intructions

If there is water in a container and the container has a hole in it, the water starts leaking out. But what would happen if the container was a plastic bag and the holes were pierced whilst it was filled with water. Surely there would leakage? But what about if the "piercing tools" were left inside? 

A lemon battery instructions

Creating an energy source from fruit, sounds impossible! But with nails, wire and lemons you can make yourself a battery. Be sure to combine a chain of lemons as you will find a single lemon battery does not produce enough power.