Teacher Testimonials

"The interactive tutorials were brilliant. I really liked the cell and how it can be investigated."

"good animations, good details, good ideas of text and voice over"

“We have been using the Eureka 3D (Middle School and Primary) from Stride Education since December 2015.  At this stage, we are using it as part of a trial to evaluate the impact of using 3D TV in science teaching; initial impressions are very favourable.  The software from Stride hasbeen running well and is intuitive to navigate once installed.  We have been very impressed at the wide range of material covered and the fact that the videos are narrated means that non-specialist teachers in the Primary School are able to use them with confidence.  The interactive elements have also proved to be very popular with students and support the main video content well, where they are available.  It is too early to say what the impact of the 3D TV is in terms of the depth of understanding but we certainly see that students enjoy engaging with the content and I am confident that this new tool will become firmly embedded in our science curriculum.”

"Very helpful, professional and efficient. "

"Visually very good, easy to set up and mobile"

"I thought the range of topics at KS5 was excellent, it was especially good at showing the context of where processes happen in relation to a cell, which gives students a better understanding of the topic. It immensely helps in visualising very small structures such as organelles, which otherwise are difficult to understand. The use of 3D makes it much more engaging and holds an individual’s attention for longer. Students are very used to 2D videos now because of websites like YouTube and I feel normal videos only hold student attention for a small period of time, however 3D is still able to captivate their attention and is therefore much better in aiding learning, and avoiding being distracted."

"very visual, graphical, grasp complicated subjects, good quality hardware, accessible"