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Increase your child's chances of exam success with the help of our innovative tuition service. We're the only tuition provider with access to state of the art 3D visual learning technology, which enables our tutors to teach topics like never before.

We've ditched the old-fashioned text books and monotonous dictation techniques, and opted for an engaging and immersive 3D learning system - enough to inspire even the more reluctant learner. Imagine learning about the heart as it floats in mid-air, or learning about atoms as they pop out of the screen! Our alternative learning strategy could be the key to unlocking your child's potential.

Learning in 3D has significant benefits

3D gcse a-level tuition

Increase Retention

  • Pupils taught in 3D could remember more than the 2D classes after 4 weeks
  • 3D improved test scores by 17% compared to 8% in the 2D cohort

Deeper understanding

  • 100% of teachers agreed that 3D animations made students understand concepts better
  • Pupils taught in 3D are more inclined to ask complex questions

Greater attention

  • 92% of students regularly attentive compared to only 46% in 2D lessons
  • 100% of teachers felt that pupils paid more attention in 3D lessons

Why choose us for your child's tuition? 

Access unique innovative technology

Visual & Kinaesthetic learning techniques

Fun and engaging

Fully Qualified teachers'

Convenient central location

Teacher compiled resources

What's involved in a typical session

GCSE A-LEVEL tuition tutors

In a typical session, our expert tutors will cover as many (around 5-6)  troublesome topics as they can in sterescopic 3D through a range of animations and interactive activities. 

We run these sessions in small manageable groups (up to 10 students) to ensure your child still gets the individual attention they require. Sessions run for one hour to maintain the students focus.

Included are resources for students to take back with them for use in their revision. 

Don't just take our word for it...

“Children can see how things function. Instead of learning about the heart statically they can see it in a solid way, literally see blood passing through the valves, see exchange of oxygen, rotate it, tilt it and zoom in” - Prof Bamford

“I knew it would be useful, but I didn’t expect it to have such a significant effect” - Ms Johnson

“Much more interesting than looking at a flat text book” “It is an amazing experience, so good for learning” - students


Standard 1 hour session price - £30 per hour

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A - Initially, the sessions are going to be run at Walsall College which is easily accessible from many parts of Walsall and surrounding areas. Full details will be enclosed in the booking confirmation.


A - Sessions typically last for one hour. We recommend that your child arrives at least 10 minutes before the session so that they can settle in and make the most out of the time available.


A - Yes - We only use fully trained teachers who are well aware of the national curriculum and also any changes to it. This is all taken into consideration when planning sessions and resources. We will try our best where possible to group students into specific specifications.

Q- What does my child need to bring?

A - If possible, please let us know about the exam board they're on, and the grade they're currently working towards. Other than this nothing, we'll provide all of the hardware and resources - you just provide the eager students!


A - Yes, parking instructions will be enclosed in the booking confirmation. 

Q - WHat if my child has to cancel a session? 

A - We understand that things don't always go to plan. If you cancel your child's place up to 48 hours before the scheduled session, we can offer a full refund. If it is after this we won't be able to refund you, but you may be able to rebook your child onto another session, depending on availability.

Q - What can i do whilst i wait?

A - Depending on the space available in the room, parents may have the opportunity to attend the session at the back of the classroom. We would have to ask however that parents do not interfere with their child's learning experience. Alternatively, we've chosen a venue with plenty of amenities for you to pass the time.

Q - what if my child can't view 3d?

A - There's a very small chance that your child won't be able to view in 3D, however if this is the case, then they also have the option to learn in 2D.

Q - are there any health issues with viewing 3d?

A - Industry professionals have conducted research on the health effects of viewing 3D, and have concluded that there aren't any negative health effects. If you have any specific concerns, you should seek advice from your optician. We will do our best to ensure it is a comfortable viewing experience.

Q - What if I'm not satisfied with the session?

A - We're confident that you'll be happy with our tuition service, but if you're not, we'll be happy to offer you a full refund.


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